July 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM

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Whoa! How did July get here so fast?!? We're going to make this easy and repeat our DINNER 8 Premise: OUTSIDE FUN TIMES!
 Which means we can invite the entire family, including pets (weather permitting -- we have a rain plan, promise).
If you've attended before, this page is VERY DIFFERENT! Please read thoroughly.
This portal will close on the 12th of July or when we have reached capacity (whichever happens first!) to ensure that we have an accurate guest list. We will send out the location shortly there-after to the e mail you provide below. Please input the best e mail to send weather-updates!

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Your Name
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Are There Any Children In Your Party? *
Please select that which applies. This will help us plan accordingly as kids' eating and playing habits are different than adults'.
Are you Bringing a Pet? *
Pets that are welcome in Seattle Parks is a good guideline for pet-bringing.
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Please choose up to 1-3 options and we will contact you with more details as applicable.
We aim to accommodate these in the food we offer and to communicate them out to to our guests to avoid dangerous situations.
Last month we featured "Who's your hero?" Will we feature yours?