Do you remember that thought experiment in which you list people, alive or dead, with whom you'd like to have dinner? We are focusing on the living. With Interesting People was founded on the idea that connections in the art and activist circles in Seattle need to be fostered, strengthened, and diversified. And that breaking bread together unites us in profound ways.

Currently scheduled for Monday evenings, our DINNER series takes place in found-spaces that limit our numbers below 20. Meals are dreamed up, curated and prepared, in part, by the W/P Team. DINNERs are free to our guests, though donations are highly encouraged. See below for past DINNERs and upcoming dates. Want to be added to our invite list? Say no more.


17 APR 2017

Lots of Appetizers + Sides from Attendees
Quiches + Frittatas
Sorbet over Quinoa Lacey Cookies
CHEF: Casey Middaugh + Margaret Toomey
PASTRY CHEF: Margaret Toomey

Featuring the storytelling talent of Danielle L. K. Gregoire and a private viola concert by Sarah Niblack!

20 mar 2017

Vegan Black Bean Chili
Three-Cheese Cornbread
Citrus Bars w/ Brown Butter Crust in Meyer Lemon, Key Lime, + Blood Orange
CHEF : Margaret Toomey

13 Feb 2017

Beet hummus, cucumber, blackberry preserves
Parsnip soup, cardamom, lemon peel
Black beans in sweet potato nest, heritage romesco
Brown butter custard pie with cranberry glaze + sweet potato ganache
CHEF: Phil Lacey
PASTRY CHEF: Margaret Toomey


2 JAN 2017

Avocado, balsamic, fleur de sel
Charlene's Mac + cheese
Ratatouille, crostini, mascarpone
Apple + pear tart with cardamom whipped cream
CHEF: Phil Lacey
PASTRY CHEF: Margaret Toomey


5 NOV 2016

Medjool dates, chèvre, and persimmon
Fennel and beetroot soup with creme fraiche
Chanterelles, winter greens, and mascarpone polenta with truffle oil
Mascarpone Meringue Cake
CHEF: Phil Lacey
PASTRY CHEF: Margaret Toomey

Featuring the play-test of Kevin Clark's newest composition. Read more about it on his blog.



7 NOV 2016

Crostini with chèvre, cranberries, and balsamic
Parsnip cream soup with pistachio
Black bean croquettes, roasted squash, and a cranberry and sweet potato salsa
Choice of Pear Tart: Ginger + Cinnamon or Marionberry
CHEF: Phil Lacey
PASTRY CHEF: Margaret Toomey